"I'M DA BOSS!" and Other Misadventures

Session 2 RECAP

     Skarsnik, Guillone, Salazar, and Vark all found themselves in quite the predicament after slaying the Orc slavers who were transporting a host of Goblins in an illicit trade deal with the Merchant Lord Vincenzo Lore. Trapped beneath the decks, the Party debated on what the fate of these captives should be and ultimately decided on keeping the Goblins for themselves and using them as a crew in which to escape the city of Lore (named of course after the eccentric Merchant Lord himself).

Skarsnik, in typical fashion, rallied the Goblins with threats, violence, and promises of gold and Elven wenches and set the Goblin captives to work as oarsmen for the newfound captured Orc ship. Guillone took to the wheel and the rest of the Party assembled amongst the ship to prepare for escape. 

However, a fire had broken out in the center of the town and civilians were flooding towards the docks desperate to collect water in which to fight the inferno. Accompanied by guards who saw the Orcish ship and the misfit crew, they began a battle on the docks. 

In quick thinking, Skarsnik rallied some Goblins and armed them with looted Orc weapons and sent them plunging onto the docks where they held off the Guards long enough for the ship to begin its escape. The Guards, slaughtering their way through Goblins soon found themselves attacked in the rear as Robespierre and his merry men fought their way to see what all the commotion was about.

After a tense decision, Guillone steered the ship away from his old friend who vanished in the darkness of the night and the roar of battle and death.

The Party now realized they had another problem on their hands: scores of angry Goblins who would have to be kept in line. Skarnsik again promised the Goblins loots and women should they accompany them in a raid and the Elven city-state of Ashea was targeted for this. However, the deception played by Skarsnik was to slaughter the Goblin crew and appear the heroes.

As the ship neared the coast of Ashea, the Party embarked on a life boat and made for shore while the Goblins headed for the main port. As battle broke out on the docks of Ashea, the Party tried to sneak through the dense forests on the outskirts of the city in order to flank the Goblins and so keep up the act.

Of course, not all went as planned and two Elven peasants were found loitering around in the wilderness and ran in terror from the Party. Realizing they had lost the element of surprise, the group plunged towards the fray where the Goblins were slaughtering the Elven defenders.

The Party made note that Ashea seemed run down with many houses in ruins, some seemingly burnt out. The majority of the defenses were made up of peasants who were fleeing as fast as they were being thrown into the meat grinder. Only a handful of Elves wore armor and carried blades, and these Elves were finding themselves quickly overwhelmed.

The Party rushed into battle and began a bloody fight against the Goblins who had only moments ago been under their command. After a tense fight, the Goblins were slain and the Party found themselves now in uncharted territory without a ship and surrounded by heavily suspicious Elves.


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