The Skarsnik's




The Clan Skarsnik is a feared and unwelcome name to many. Ruling somewhere in the vast plains of Rhin, the Skarsnik Clan has a reputation for both cunning and brutality. They exist as one of the oldest and most widely established Goblin Clans and because of this Skarsnik’s can be found virtually everywhere throughout the world.

The history of its foundations is lost to time but rumors arise that long ago a great Goblin Chieftain named Skarsnik the Great carved an Empire out in the plains of Rhin, uniting together Goblin tribes all over the land. He decreed that all those who followed his banner were his children and thus the Skarsnik name was given to all of his people.

As the Clan began to grow the Skarsnik’s began a campaign of terror and raiding all along the civilized lands. Thrashing into Dwarven Holds, slaughtering their way through Human towns, and pillaging Elven retreats the Skarsnik’s carved their Empire in blood and iron.

A coalition, led by the High King Falevyr, a young Elven Lord who had summoned a great host of warriors from all over the known world, counter-attacked into the lands of Rhin to destroy the Skarsnik Clan.

After a cataclysmic battle which was known as Skarsnik’s Folly, the Goblins were annihilated and scattered to the four winds. It is said that in the hills and valleys the Skarsnik Clan still exists under a Great Lord, but most of the Skarsnik’s fled to every corner of the world.

There is said to exist one true son of Skarsnik the Great but his identity and whereabouts remain unknown.

The Skarsnik's

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